The Barber of Seville

Wolf Trap Opera

Vienna, VA

“Conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya kept the orchestra and cast moving at a good clip. In the arias, she gave each singer leeway to punctuate and exaggerate the phrases just so, enhancing Rossini’s score with a deft touch.”
–Grace Jean, Washington Post

“The players of the Wolf Trap Orchestra in the pit were led by conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya… She admirably took her time with the overture and many numbers in the opera, avoiding the tendency among today’s opera buffa conductors toward manic speed. The small male chorus was vocally strong … [under] Yankovskaya’s eminently clear beat in fast choral numbers. The orchestra…hewed close to the conductor’s pace, with some talented playing from oboe, piccolo, and horn.”
–Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review

“Raven’s rhythmic precision was only bolstered by the lilting orchestra behind her… The cast and crew of Friday night’s performance at the Filene Center in Wolf Trap National Park transformed the open-air theater into an early 19th century symphony hall with their tremendous and triumphant interpretation. Adapting this classic opera to an outdoor space requires masterful technical abilities that were displayed throughout the production. Conductor Lindiya Yankovskaya successfully led the large orchestra with fervent gesticulation and gusto.”

–Helen Ganley, MD Theatre Guide

“One of the finest orchestral performances I have heard at an opera. Conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya gave the beauty of Rossini’s music full measure while keeping the volume supportive of the singers and the pacing laid back enough to let the music speak for itself.”
–Michael Rogers, OperaGene

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