Ellen West

Opera Saratoga

Saratoga Springs, NY

“The musicians, who could be seen through the window in the set, were superb; Lidiya Yankovskaya was the excellent conductor.”

–Geraldine Freedman, The Daily Gazette

“A chamber orchestra can be seen playing through the rear window. Lidiya Yankovskaya, music director of Chicago Opera Theater, conducts tenderly, with no stick and plenty of wrist.”
–Leslie Kandell, Classical Voice North America

“In setting Ellen West musically, composer Ricky Ian Gordon exhibits his typical fluency and good taste, creating a score of pretty postmodernism, mixing tonality with pungently transgressive dissonances and nicely apprehensible motivic developments. Conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya does Gordon’s chamber orchestrations proud.”
–Charles Geyer, La Scena Musicale

“The focused, unshowy music embraces the fluid, conversational style of the poem, heightening Ellen’s emotions with song and building the dramatic arc of each episode and of the whole. There are no extraneous musical gestures, and a small ensemble of string quartet, bass and piano preserves the opera’s intimate, extremely personal quality… Lidiya Yankovskaya was the sensitive conductor.”
–Heidi Waleson, Wall Street Journal

“Conductor Lidiya Yankovskaya, Musical Director of Chicago Opera Theater, drew the voices and instruments together into a bold statement on the often-futile treatment of eating disorders.  Even the angst expressed in a Wagnerian opera that used the same narrative libretto style might not have conveyed the emotion that Yankovskaya wrought in the modern opera genre.”

–Ann Boland, Picture this Post

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