Zaporozhets za Dunayem (Cossack beyond the Danube)

Commonwealth Lyric Theater
Zorepad Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Albany, NY

“The choral sound was full and rich and the orchestra crisply directed by Lidiya Yankovskaya.”

–Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe

“This ambitious project, dedicated to preserving and celebrating national musical heritage, was a truly rare collaboration between American and Ukrainian resources, geographically separated opera talents, orchestra, chorus, dance ensemble and professional production staff that was ultimately woven together as intricately and perfectly as the highly detailed and brightly colored embroidery on the traditional costumes of the cast. In the end, the audience cried out for an encore, with standing ovations lasting several minutes, barely satiated by the numerous curtain calls for those on stage, the orchestra and the music director, Ms. Yankovskaya.”

–Don Dobbs, Ukranian Weekly

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